World of Warcraft: The Best Game Ever?

When asked the question, “What is your favorite video game of all time?” the answer is simple. World of Warcraft for the PC. World of Warcraft, or WoW, as it is most commonly referred to, is a mass multi-player on-line game(MMO). You can choose characters to play with that represent good (Alliance) or evil (Horde). You play as any character with the object to defeat the other side.

The character you choose will have a certain race and class. For example, if you chose to be a Human on the Alliance side, you may only get to pick to be a Paladin, Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Death Knight, or a Rogue. Choosing your character is not at all important as you may find that you aren’t enjoying the character you have chosen. In this case, you can save or delete the character and create a new one.

World of Warcraft also offers the ability to choose what realm or world you want to play in. The game offers many different types of realms. Offered to you are PvP realm, which is player vs player. Another realm is a normal realm, in which players quest and earn levels without anything else to worry about. And one of my personal favorites is the RP realm, which stands for role-playing because it allows the user to live in his or her own fantasy world with thousands of other players in your realm.

The main focus in the game of WoW is the leveling or questing aspect of the game. In order to get better prepared for the battlegrounds against the opposing faction, the game requires you to quest and level up. Currently, the level cap is level 85. By getting to higher levels, you earn different items such as armor and weapons. You may also pick up professions along the way to help with creating items of use for you or someone else. These items can be sold in the Auction House in the main city of your faction.

All in all, World of Warcraft is a “Perfect 10” in my eyes. It can be played by everyone who has a computer as long as it meets the gaming requirements. WoW is very easy to learn and it also helps time fly by. It does cost $14.99 per month to play but that is okay with me just for the simple fact of the fun aspect to it. I do recommend that if you have not tried World of Warcraft, give it a try and see if you will like it. If you aren’t a big MMO player, I definitely would not recommend this to you.