Is Runescape All that Fun?

I play Runescape. I am quite an expert at it, as my level is 64. But is it worth all the hard work it takes to make your account fun?
First, lets talk about the fun parts of Runescape. There are many players from all around the world in which you can play with. You can chat with your friends and talk in clans. You can train you skills from 1-99. There are many minigames (at least for members). There are many exciting guilds as you explore Runescape. There are 20 quests that boost your xp and let you go to new places and have new abilities. You can buy stuff in thousands of stores, including the money making Grand Exchange. You can visit the Achievement Diary and earn an explorer ring, which replenishes run energy and can teleport you, You can cast spells, either for combat, enchanting jewelery, or assisting you as you travel in Runescape. You can take a sword and start fighting other creatures for fun, experience, or gold. If you feel that you shouldn’t get yourself attacked while you are fighting, you may range or mage the creatures. There are boss monsters to test your skill. You can even go to the new dungeoneering skill to fighting some new and exciting bosses. But is Runescape as good as you think?

Now I will talk about the boring and disappointing parts of Runescape. To be a good player with can slay many , you need to have a high level account. Leveling up in Runescape is not the easiest thing, and to level up from 1-99 will take about 1/2 year non-stop training. What this means is that if you play every day for 1/2 year in the best training spot in Runescape, you can reach level 99. What if you want to be level 126, the ultimate goal for nonmembers. Suddenly, you have to train for 6*1/2year for3 year excluding constitution. Is it all that worth to show off and be the best nonmembers in Runescape for 3 years of your life? So might argue that you may be a member for a while and speed the training speed, but it will still take a year to level all combat-related skills up to 99. One might think it’s worth it because of the new bosses, but honesty, if you fight the same creature for 3 years, even if it has special attack and excellent drops, do you think it would be fun?

I will not say much more about Runescape: it is your choice whether to play it, but think: do you want to play a game that takes 3 years to be fun?