Kingdom Hearts: A Great RPG

This is one of my favorite Role Playing Games and I will admit that I have played few. But the charm of the game is the merge of Disney and Square. You would never think that cute Disney characters and flashy anime characters would work, but it does, and surprisingly well. It follows the story of a boy named Sora and his adventure throughout various lands with his two friends Donald and Goofy,
It began with a dream. The boy named Sora finds himself standing in the ocean and he sees his best friend, Kairi a young girl with a beautiful smile on the sea shore. As he runs toward her he falls through the water and lands on the ground. As he looks around the bubbles transform into doves and a beautiful stain glass stairwell. This is the part of the game that teaches you the basics, everything from picking up items to fighting. You even get to fight a boss like character. This is also the part of the game where you see the first Disney characters. They are all on the floor as stain glass peaces.

The next part of the game begins when Sora wakes up. Uneasy about the dream he talks with his friends Kairi and Riku, his rival. Soon they have a race for Kairi’s affection so to speak. On the island you also meet three others. They are the first cameos for Final Fantasy characters and better ones are in store. While on the Island you have to perform certain tasks before the game really starts. You should also take advantage of the fact that you can fight the three for experience points.

After you do everything you need to do on the island you get transported to a place called Traverse town. This is where you meet Donald and Goofy and they tell Sora of the mystery that’s going on. In a nut shell all the worlds are disappearing and some of the worlds have Keyholes that Sora has to lock with his newly acquired Keyblade. Once locked all the worlds will be put back in there place.

The journey you take is both fun and amazing. You find yourself in Disney movies, these are the world you go to, and in most cases you have to fix something that has changed because of the trouble that’s going on. The bosses you fight are Disney characters and original ones for the game. You meet all kinds of people in the game and the cameos are all great. Another plot of the game involves what’s called the 7 princesses of heart. They are what the Bad guys need in order to achieve their goal.

The joy of the game is both game play and story telling. The game is simple enough for a child to play and not be upset that he is losing so much and complex enough for an average gamer to uncover the secrets of the game. The story is the same way as well. Playing the different worlds are fun enough to get lost in and just play in it for there are plenty of secrets in each. I have had the game since day one and still have yet to find everything, I don’t use strategy guides, but the game is that much fun.

In closing I would like to say to parents to play this game with your child. And to those that maybe hurling at the fact of a merger between two companies that are opposite in style. Take heart…this is a good game and worth a try at least. I guarantee you will be hooked. Or at least like the game in some way. You may fine a few hick ups, but they are small and negligible. The second game improves all aspects of the game from story to game play. The only thing is that the second game is very strait forward…or maybe I was just to dedicated to beating the game. Oh well. They are so much fun I still play when I get time. So pick it up and have some fun.